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DOPE is an addictive drug powered by music

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DOPE - production team

DOPE is also a production team built of upcoming engineers and producers. Each producer brings something edgy and different to the table as well as experimental. Here are the producers and engineers that we work with.

Jboogie - Producer

When Talking to jBoogie, you will learn a few things about him and his music. For one, he is very laid back, open minded artist. The second thing is, he is all about having fun and making music for all audiences. His musical inspiration comes from...(continue reading)

Delano Taylor - Producer

Blessed with different music backgrounds, Delano Taylor' is known for experimenting with different instruments. By combing jazz, indie rock, pop and samples from songs you probably never heard of he produces a great track for any audience....(continue reading)

Matt Winn - Producer & Engineer

Imagine with me, if you will. Your name is Matthew Winn (better known by your initials M-Saw) and It's 2003 and you're 10 years old. It begins to motivate you to write your own.. Fast forward three years and you've recently completed 4 studio albums...(continue reading)

Hollow TIP - Producer

"Hollow Tip" born Chris Joline in Miami Florida is residing in Dallas Texas and is currently producing for B!Creativity. Down South Beat Specialist. Only 18 years old, he lives and breathe for music; a direct clone of the "Sun God Apollo"....(continue reading)





If you are looking for production, mixing and mastering for any occasion send a request on the conact page or give us a call.

TeamDOPE - NEW PROJECT COMING THIS WINTER!! Artists email me for info