We are a talent and creative management group that specialize in promoting and marketing various indie artists, talented performers and other creative individuals.



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Here are some questions that we usually come across every day. We will be updating this periodically.

If I live in another city and state can you still work with me?

Yes we most certainly can. We can still create your brand, design your promo items and set you up with different events but we would have to talk about your mobile marketing (street team) strategy. Everything else we can do remotely and through email/phone calls.

Do I have to be an established artist, model or performer to work with you?

No not at all but I would help us if you have some knowledge or a little bit of skill in your field. We will set up projects, events and shows to build your resume so you can gain experience in the in your field.

How much does it cost?

It depends on exactly you are looking for. Some artist are just starting out so their package will have more projects, designs and promotion behind it. With others, they may just need one or two things to add to their existing brand so it wouldn't be as much as others. It just varies but we are always willing to work out a deal or a plan if you are truly passionate about your craft. For instance, if we establish a great relationship and vibe from the beginning and we know for sure that this will be a great venture for the both of us, you may not even have to come out of pocket for anything.

What comes in a package?

Most starter packages comes with your brand design and printing (logo, web site, business cards/promo postcards), photo shoots, events for your career, networking parties and street promotion to increase your following. For the most part each package is different and catered to your specific needs.

What if I just need one or two things instead of a whole package. Can you still work with me?

Yes. Just let us know what you need and will create it for you for a good price.

Do you have any packages with set prices?

Yes we do, but its not advertised yet. If you send us an email we can send you over a PDF with a few different options for our packages and prices

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for male and female promoters for events and shows. If you are a designer, event planner, project manager, web designer or anyone who think they might be interested in working or interning for B!Creativity, send us and email so we can setup a meeting so we can talk about how we can work with each other.

How do I get started?

Send us an email on our contact page with small description of yourself and what you think you may need or could benefit from B!Creativity.

If you have any more questions that we could not answer on this page, please send us an email or give us a call at anytime. Thank you.