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NEW Beat Tape from Delano that was released March 17th that features 5 FREE tracks for download. Enjoy.


A 19yr old college student who just likes making beats and cartoons.

Blessed with different music backgrounds, Delano Taylor' is known for experimenting with different instruments. By combing jazz, indie rock, pop and samples from songs you probably never heard of he produces a great track for any audience. He started producing just a few years ago but has always been a fan of different genres of music. Now a student at Texas State University (San Marcos) - Delano is building up his name through music blog's and producing some upcoming tracks for Moses Uvere, Bobby Boondocks, Trackletes, Terrence Spectacle (MARCHLOUD) and a few more artists out of North Texas

SPRING 2012. After the release of Potpourri in December of 2011, Delano's FREE beat project became the buzz of Twitter and Facebook. The tracks were soon to feature on blogs (Aqualeague, Jessi Supreme, Crayon Beats,New Era Music, etc.) and mixtapes for artist like Joe Cool, Kid Wonder, Trey Ali, and Andropolis. In January Cosign Magazine gave Delano his first magazine interview and Potpourri was also featured in the February print issue. He also released his first mix project that is sponsored by OddBloggings title Wurkaholics Vol.1. Right now Delano is working on a new EP and the first song was debuted March 8th on KTSW 89.9 radio. Look for that project this April and other artist releasing music produced by Mr. Taylor.

Make sure you sure you follow him on Twitter at @delanotaylor and subscribe to his sincerelydelano.tumblr.com. for more updates. #TeamDOPE is the production team.

B!Creativity Interview
What do you love about producing music?
"I love anything that allows me to creatively express myself. From what I wear to the music I make. I view music as an easy way to convey my feelings and emotions to a mass number of people. What's not to love about that? Also, making something powerful enough to make a person, strangers even, feel some type of emotion is a very cool thing, to say the least."

If you could produce a whole album for any artist, who would it be?
"Producing for Kanye would definitely be the pinnacle of my career. If I could produce an album for him, I'm winning."

What's up next for Delano Taylor?
"Be on the lookout for my debut project Potpourri. It's a nice, dope compilation I'm currently working on with some of the most talented lyricists from North Texas and beyond. Play it with a bowl of cereal, accompanied with the morning block of Sports Center to set the basis for an excellent day. Do yourself that favor."

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Make sure you check out this issues of Cosign Mag with the interview from Delano Taylor.

Watch the Delano Taylor KTSW 89.9 interview here.

Contact us for production

Email: hello@bcreativity.com

These are some of Delano Taylor beats that are currently on the market. If you hear a track that you like, it can be yours. Send over an email with the track in the subject


Delano Skills & Programs

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  • Sound Track Pro
  • Garage Band
  • FL Studio
  • Logic
  • Abelton

For more beats go to soundcloud.com/delano-taylor and be on the lookout for feature projects with other artists and producers.